Diamond ring is reunited with its owner 30 years after losing it


A 70 year old woman called Mary from San Diego has said she has received the best Christmas gift she could have ever said for after being reunited with her lost diamonds rings san diego.
durdle_door_overviewThe diamond ring was found by a good Samaritan at Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast in the south of England, where it was lost 30 years ago when Mary was on her honeymoon with her husband. Mary and her then new husband went to Durdle Door for a two week period to celebrate the start of their married lives. It was their first holiday out of the US and they had an amazing time but on the penultimate day Mary lost her ring on the cliff top. They searched for hours but could not find it.

The good Samaritan after finding the ring started a Facebook campaign to find the rings original owner, the campaign ran for three months across 115 of the 196 countries, it even made the news on a few occasions during the three month search.

The ring was returned to Mary after one of her grandchildren saw the Facebook campaign and remembered her grandmother telling stories of her lost diamond ring. The ring had been passed down for four generations. Mary has now been able to pass it down to her daughter as it had been passed down to her by her mother.08149c767132088f8aa528e4c1f9a62d

For the good Samaritan, Mary has invited him and his partner to the US for Christmas, flights all paid for as a thank you for reuniting the family heirloom back to them.

“Doing the right thing is not always easy and its not always popular, but isn’t it enough that its right?” – Senora Roy