Edit Teen involved in Anthony Weiner sexting scandal says she’s ‘upset’ it renewed FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails


The teenager who reportedly received sexual text messages from Anthony Weiner when she was 15 is now "upset" that the case provoked a renewed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, BuzzFeed News reports. "The FBI asked for me to speak to the media as little as possible," said the 16-year-old girl, whose name hasn’t been revealed by the media due to the fact that she is underage. "I have tried to stay quiet, but [FBI director James] Comey has upset me. The last thing that I wanted was to have this become political propaganda."

The girl told BuzzFeed News she was informed of the connection only on Friday afternoon after completing an hours-long interview with FBI agents when she was then telephoned by a reporter seeking comment on Comey’s announcement.

BuzzFeed News is not identifying the underage girl or her family to protect their privacy.

Her father told BuzzFeed News he has been left feeling "angry that the local folks had interviewed my daughter for six hours that same day about intimate details from her previous interactions with a pervert and then released the story of Weiner’s server before we could drive home from the site where she was interviewed." [BuzzFeed News]

The girl said she was a "big fan" of the Clintons and that she wants to move to Germany if Donald Trump is elected. "I was having self-esteem issues when this whole thing started with Anthony Weiner," the teen said. "Now as a result of my frailty, this could take down the United States presidential election."

The girl’s father added to BuzzFeed News that while he had voted for Clinton, he now regrets the decision because of the toll it has taken on his family. "How do you not know who works for you?" he asked. "How could you have so many sleazeballs close to you?"

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