Justin Bieber: ‘Bieber fever’ officially touches down in Sydney


US pop star Justin Beiber touches down in Sydney ahead of his show tonight. Picture: Adam Taylor

BIEBER fever has arrived in Sydney with the American singer touching down ahead of tonight’s Purpose tour show.

Wearing a Pink Floyd T-shirt and clear fashion glasses, the 23-year-old resembled rapper Eminem as he made his way off a private jet, while a police vehicle waited nearby.

More than 70,000 “Beliebers” will make their way to ANZ Stadium tonight — taking the total attendance for Adele and Bieber concerts above 260,000 since Friday.

US pop star Justin Beiber touches down in Sydney ahead of his show tonight. Picture: Adam Taylor

Bieber’s trip Down Under has been marred in controversy since he arrived on March 5.

The performer reportedly told a Melbourne fan that she made him “sick” after she took a photograph with him prior to his concert on Friday night.

The international superstar got out of a car near Crown Casino when Sabah Helal, 20 approached him and told him she was going to take a selfie with him.

Sydney has come down with Beiber Fever. Picture: Adam Taylor

“I don’t want a photo.”

Bieber has also been accused of putting on an uninspiring show for fans at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium, with fans claiming he looked “bored” while performing.

Earlier today, Bieber took to Instagram to provide an explanation for Tuesday’s expletive ridden rant, which saw him telling Channel Seven reporters to “f*ck off, mate,” before giving them the finger.

Bieber was snapped chatting to fans earlier at Maroochydore Airport on the Sunshine Coast. Picture: Twitter Source:Twitter The pop star has had a rocky Australia visit so far. Picture: Adam Taylor

The “Love Yourself” hit maker claimed he was simply paying tribute to favourite Australian comedy series, Chris Lilley’s Summer Height’s High.

“I said ‘puck you, miss’,” he said to the camera.

“There’s a difference between bullying and joking around, I was joking around.”

Those eagle … err … eared among us would immediately be able to identify what’s happening here.

The video, sent out to his 80 million plus Instagram followers, continue.

“Will you apologise to the cameraman?” he is asked.

“Sorry, Ben,” he replied. “I was doing it for fun, he just didn’t get that it was fun.”

“The news lady is very upset with what you said Justin.

“You on your period or what miss,” Bieber responded.

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