O Panneerselvam abandoned by friends, fighting a lone battle?


O Panneerslevam vowed to fight back against Sasikala and team on Thursday. (Source: PTI)

Thursday marked an important day for Tamil Nadu as the South Indian state got its third Chief Minister in a span of 10 months. Before the swearing-in ceremony took place at the Raj Bhavan and E Palaniswamy became the new CM, the former Chief Minister, O Panneerslevam vowed to fight back against Sasikala and team. Panneerselvam thanked his followers and people for their support and said, “We will win this struggle with the support of Amma’s followers.”

He mentioned that the people of Tamil Nadu are agitated and its time to unite. “Let us all, together stop the party and government from going into the hands of a single family again. Let us form a people’s government again in sync with the aspirations of people. Till then, this struggle will continue,” he said.

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However, things changed drastically in the next few hours. As the MLAs started to gather at the Raj Bhavan for the oath taking ceremony, most MLAs abandoned OPS including some members whom he counted as his friends. Even though Panneerselvam did not say that he had counted on the BJP and support from the Centre, it was indeed one of his biggest hopes but even the Bharatiya Janata Party maintained distance with Prime Minister Narendra congratulating E Palamiswamy for his new role.

BJP national general secretary H Raja said: “We never intervened in this crisis. It was purely a crisis in their party. Whatever decisions the Governor took was in consultation with legal advisors. The BJP had no role in it,” he said. The party also cleared that they backed OPS because at least he is not involved in corruption cases and has a clean record. “No MLA is ready to face elections at this stage. But there could be cracks in the AIADMK in future. But we have to plan for the near future,” a BJP leader said.

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