Terrified woman ‘bundled into car and tortured by twisted fiends who poured glue into her vagina’


The girl, not pictured, was allegedly put through a terrifying ordeal

A terrified woman was bundled into a car and then tortured by sick fiends who poured glue into her vagina, police have claimed.

Stunned investigators revealed details of the alleged crime as they announced they had arrested a man – believed to be the victim’s ex.

According to reports, the victim told police she was abducted as she prepared to walk her dog around 11pm last night at her home in Fabero near Leon, northern Spain.

She said her two abductors forced her into a car and drove her to the nearby town of Bembibre where they subjected her to her terrifying ordeal in a lock-up garage.

The woman’s lawyer Emilia Esteban said she had glue poured into her private parts before being dumped naked with her hands tied behind her back near an abandoned house.

She managed to free herself before seeking help from locals who raised the alarm.

Police have arrested one man after the horrifying attack on the woman (File pic)

The lawyer claimed the abductors had threatened to leave her tied to a railway track for a train to run over her before changing their minds.

The alleged offender was held this afternoon less than 24 hours after the sickening assault.

The unnamed woman’s ex-partner is said to have been jailed several times over the past two years following a campaign of harassment which reportedly including at least one assault.

He was only released from jail on Friday after his last period of incarceration.

The kidnap victim’s lawyer said: “She was going to leave her house around 11pm to walk her dog like she does every night but while she was putting her shoes on, two people grabbed hold of her and forced her into a car.”

Saying the assault that took place while she was tied up naked with a sock over her eyes had left her with an “indescribable fear”, she added: “Her abductors’ intention was to take her to the train tracks but they ended up abandoning her near an empty house.”

A South African woman claimed earlier this year her husband had abused her by putting super glue on her vagina.

The 40-year-old said he had become obsessed with the idea she was sleeping with her uncle and told how she had been left scarred for life in the attack and unable to have sex again.